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Over 500+ Completed Video and Photography Projects

Professional Services:

• 3D Video Tour / Aerial Drone Video

• HDR Photography / Video Production

• Websites, SEO, Marketing, Creative



• Resorts, Hotels, Leisure Facilities

• Commercial & Industrial Real Estate

• Products, Vehicles, Boats, RVs

• Senior Living Communities

• Residential Real Estate

• Construction Sites

• Insurance Documentation

• Safety and Security

• Unique Locations


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30 Years of Marketing Expertise


We’re a well established, full-service marketing firm with a thirty-year history of incorporating emerging technologies into our design solutions. As one of the early adopters of Matterport™ technology in Wisconsin, we were the first to provide 3D Tours to Northeast Wisconsin for showcasing

real estate property and commercial businesses.


Through the years, we’ve consistently gained award-winning recognition for the outstanding photographs we’ve incorporated into our 2D print, 3-dimensional packaging, and on-line marketing.

Now we’re delivering that same quality forᅠ3D Photography and 4K Aerial Drone Video services.


Our approach is based on experience, creativity and concern for our clients' business objectives.

We’ll work with you to provide a package of photography services that is engaging, timeless

and sustainable. View our portfolio…and talk to us. We’ll give your business a major

edge within increasingly competitive markets.


You’ll understand why our customers keep returning for more.







Other Resort Projects

Kohler RiverBend


Other Commercial Projects

Industrial Building

Commercial Building



Other Residential Projects

Two Story Home

O U R  P R O C E S S

Its simple!


Contact us, and we provide a price estimate of your property based on square footage. Once we schedule a suitable time a professional photographer will come to your location and the 3D Tour data will be collected within 2-3 hours. Your environment will be available to tour through your website, or with a shareable hyperlink within 48 hours or less.


Get in touch using the Contact link today, and

bring your online presence into virtual reality.


Brand XLerator will deliver the following within 48 hours

or less of completing the 3D Video shoot:

URL Link to your 3D Showcase

Embed Code for your Website

Aerial Video and Photographs

Online Cloud Hosting of your Showcase

HDR Photographs



This innovative marketing too showcases your property in amazing detail, letting viewers get an accurate sense of layout and design. It's surprisingly cost effective when the end result is compared to contracting a traditional photo or video shoot. The exceptional quality of the 3D scan also means that professional quality ‘still shots’ can be taken from any part of the scan and used in your marketing.


Total costs are calculated per square foot and

can start from as little as


Matterport™ Pro 3D Virtual Tour Pricing

Up to 1,500 sq/ft - $149

Up to 2,500 sq/ft - $249

Up to 3,000 sq/ft - $299

Up to 3,500 sq/ft - $349

Over 3,500 sq/ft - .10 per sq/ft*

*Call for pricing over 3500 sq/ft. The number of scans required is based on the complexity/configuration of the facility. Example 5,000 sq/ft - $500;

however, prices may vary.


When bundled with 3D Virtual Tour package,

Up to 25 photos for MLS - $75

Floor plan measurements - $75


Matterport™ Hosting Fees and Limitations

 • ​$50 hosting of virtual tours up to one year.

 • ​Extended pricing is $30 for 6 months; $50 for 12 months.


HDR High Resolution Still Photography

• Still photography of the home using a high resolution Pro DSLR camera

 • Post-Production editing of still photos

 • Delivery of still high resolution JPGs photos

Up to 25 photos - $124 per listing/facility


Aerial DRONE Video or Photography

 • 1 min aerial video or photos (set to music)

Starting at $199 per listing (with 3D Virtual Tour), add $20 for each aerial photo

For stand alone aerial services, call for an estimate.


Extras / Options

Staging, Custom Lighting, Travel, Expenses

Call for Estimate

Schedule a 3D Video or Photography

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  • V I R T U A L  T O U R  B E N E F I T S

    Interactive walk through give users full control over their experience.


    Replace hundreds of photos with one complete document of your construction project at any point in time.


    Our 3D tours with 360 degree views will streamline your construction project documentation, whether it’s the entire finished project or views of your progress midway.


    Provide your clients with an immersive 3D experience that makes them feel like they’re right inside their new space, while sitting at home.


    3D tours with 360 views enable your customers to walk through your models, viewing rooms from any angle they choose. Architectural visualization is no longer constrained by single views with fixed came angles.


    Our Matterport camera technology lets us anchor your comments, questions, or information about design features to any point within your 3D space, so you can communicate with your clients or contractors in context.


    We can also use audio narration to inform customers about hidden features.


    Simply email your prospect or clients a link they can open in their web browser or mobile device and show to family and friends.

  • M A R K E T I N G   T I P S

    HOW WE USE THE Matterport™ Technology

    We use the Matterport™ Pro 3D camera and cloud service to capture and host your interactive model of the property. During the data shoot the 3D camera is set at a series of points throughout the home or facility. At each point the camera rotates 360 degrees, while its 2D and 3D sensors collect all it can ‘see’. The Matterport™ cloud takes uploaded data from the camera and meshes the two types, 2D plus 3D, into an immersive, dimensionally accurate model of the property. The model is stored in an efficient format called "polygon mesh" which minimizes storage space needs and makes it easy to deploy and share the model’s 3D experience via phone, tablet or computer.


    Tech Advantages

    • No additional apps or software for you, clients and prospects to interact with your cloud-based model.

    • Fast service – usual turn-around is 24 hours from our data shoot to a usable 3D model with ready-made links and embeddable code.

    • Our Pro 3D camera captures fine details in three dimensions.


    How to Use Matterport™ Technology

    How to Share your 3D Model

    When post-production of your data shoot is completed, your 3D Model will be accessible in two separate ways. The first is through an internet link and the second is an embeddable code that allows your 3D video model to be showcased on a website or Facebook.

    When your 3D model is ready to be showcased you will receive an email with the Internet Link.


    Internet Link

    The link to your showcase will look something like this:


    This link can be used in email and on your website.

    Embed Your 3D Model

    If you want to put the 3D model onto your website or Facebook page, you’ll need to use the ‘embeddcode’ we send. The embedd code looks like this:

    <iframe width=”853″ height=”480″ src=”https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=K2ycA7suh” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

    The embedd code creates a display window for your showcase.


    Please note the two parameters within the code, ‘width= ‘ and ‘height= ‘.  These allow you to adjust the size of your showcase display on the page. For example, on our home page, the showcase is wider than the default size; its code contains ‘height=”581″ width=”1024″..’


    Compatibility of Matterport™ Technology

    The 3D Model uses WebGL, a software standard designed to display 3D objects on a 2D screen with no add-on software required. Most current computers running the latest version of Windows or OSX, and the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE can view the Matterport™ 3D Model. Firefox is the recommended browser for both desktop and mobile. Any viewing problems are usually resolved by confirming both the operating system and browser are up to date. Two notes on browsers:


    The latest version of IE (Microsoft’s Internet Explorer) must be running on Windows 8.1 or later. Earlier versions will not permit showcase functions.


    Safari (requires Mac OS 10.8 or later) may need to have its WebGL capacity enabled: Click on Preferences, then Security. Click the “Allow WebGL” checkbox.


    Usage on Mobile Devices

    Any device with full WebGL support (hardware/OS/browser) can view Matterport™ models. For iOS devices, anything running iOS 8.1.3 can view models, although performance will vary based on the device’s speed and memory. For Androids, most new smartphones and tablets running Android 5 and Chrome or Firefox (or another WebGL-capable browser) can support WebGL. Firefox is the preferred browser for both desktop and mobile.




  • S I T E   P R E P E R A T I O N

    Site Preparation

    The Matterport™ Pro 3D camera is an extremely high resolution camera. To ensure the best outcome, the facility should be staged the day before the data shoot. In homes, all countertops should be cleared and personal items such as family pictures and other personally identifiable things should be temporarily stored. General clutter should be picked up and stored out of sight in a closet or garage.


    Staging Reminders

    Please remember that this 3D Tour will be viewed by many people over and over again to evaluate your home or facility. Unlike an Open House, where people walk through your home once and then try to remember what the saw after they leave, this tour is a permanent Open House that people may go through many times. A properly staged home can be viewed by prospective buyers from all over the world. Depersonalizing your home allows these buyers to virtually walk through your house and begin to imagine their own personal touch to the space.  Our Matterport™ 3D tours enable this type of immersive experience.


    Helpful Staging Checklist

     • Counters clear

     • Desks and tables clear (Minimal decorative items are okay.)

     • Floors free of clutter

     • Toilet seats down

     • Bathroom counters clear

     • Ceiling fans turned off

     • Beds made

     • Personal pictures stowed away

     • All personal documents stowed away

     • Toys picked up and stowed away

     • Patios picked up, chairs neatly arranged (These are visible from inside shots.)

     • All lights on

     • Closet doors closed unless they are to be included such as a Master Walk-in closet.

        (Closets are a good place to stow items temporarily.)

     • Window coverings adjusted. Suggest keeping blinds open to allow for external light and

        the view captured by the camera.

     • Electrical cords hidden if possible

     • All doors to rooms being photographed opened

     • All doors to rooms NOT being photographed closed


    The Day of the Data Shoot

    The producer will meet with the homeowner and/or agent to walk through the home and explain how the data shoot will progress and to make last minute staging suggestions to improve the quality.


    Once the home is prepared, everyone and all pets should leave the home until the data shoot is complete. This is because once the rooms are staged, NOTHING can be changed or moving during the shoot to ensure that "phantom images" are not captured by the camera. The producer will alert the homeowner and/or agent when the session is complete. The data shoot can take anywhere from 2 to 4 or more hours, depending on the size of the home.


    In addition to the interior data shoot, several external pictures may be taken with a DSLR camera or Aerial Drone camera to complete the package.


    Post Production

    When the data shoot is completed, the images are sent to the studio for post-production processing and then uploaded to the Matterport™ cloud for creating the 3D Model. The post-production process can be completed within 24 to 72 hours depending on the options selected.



    Upon completion of post-production you’ll be provided with detailed instructions on how to deploy the model and other services that Brand XLerator provides to help you meet your unique marketing needs.


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